Top tips to make your kitchen renovation project stand out

Renovations are a great way of achieving modern and trendy home designs without the need to move anywhere. Most people opt for renovation because they love their house and present location, and also renovation is relatively cheaper than moving to a new place. In 2011, more than $35 were spent by Australians on home renovations, which doubled in the following 5 years. There is also a remarkable demand for bathroom and kitchen renovations as Australians upgraded to the latest designs as these two renovations, and especially kitchen renovations Chatswood professionals suggest, are regarded as most effective in adding value to the property.

In order to design functional and aesthetically beautiful kitchens, a few design principles are considered more effective than the others.

· Work triangles: It refers to the triangular space taken by the sink, range and the refrigerator which should be compact enough for allowing effective and convenient movement for the cook. Yet the design should be generously spacious for at least two people to work together without bumping into each other. Also, it should not intersect with the projecting cabinet or kitchen islands or some other countertops. As a normally accepted rule of thumb, the total of three sides should be no greater than 25 inches and no lesser than 15 inches.

· Entertainment areas: While executing kitchen renovations Chatswood professionals conduct, it is important to keep the kitchen area exclusive of the work triangle so that your guests can enjoy a drink or nibble on the appetizers or watch you prepare food without intruding into your work. At the same time, it is reasonable for the living area or the entertainment area to have a view of the Work Triangle of the kitchen space. Read more at We do Kitchens

· Establishing the linear connection: When you are on your kitchen renovations Chatswood project, you must take into account the linear relationship between dishwasher, sink and trash and the sequence of meal cleanup. There are numerous households that clean, rinse and then place dishes in the dishwasher in this order. Also, the kitchen renovations in Chatswood should be conducted in such a way that these three components are placed in a linear pattern with the trash placed in close proximity to the dining table.

· Kitchen ergonomics: It should take into account several things other than cooking. It is also important to consider how someone would enter your home and unload the groceries, which are often overlooked. So locating the fridge as well as pantry near the countertop or at the entry of the kitchen will help in smooth functioning within the kitchen space.

· Geometry of appliance placement: By this, it is meant that the appliances should be placed in such areas that their doors do not collide with anything. The best kitchen renovations in Chatswood must try to take into account the swing of the microwave ovens, fridge doors, dishwasher, etc. While these operations may overlap in certain areas, it is crucial to control them.

Chatswood kitchen renovations are the complex designing puzzles, and it is true that sometimes it is not possible to bring all these ideas into action. But it is always recommended to take these factors into consideration to the greatest extent possible so that the kitchen is practically designed and is elegantly beautiful.



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